The Process

Kauai Roastery believes in allowing each coffee to deliver its unique taste profile.

Since not all coffee is the same, depending on its origin and vintage, each one will require an ideal degree of roast to extract the most optimum flavor. Roasting dark increases a coffee’s body and lowers its acidity, however it also increases bitterness, plus causes the coffee to become stale sooner.

We select our coffee beans based on their origin character and roast them to a degree that maintains and enhances their origin characteristics. In order to do so we roast our coffee in small batches within a City Roast (medium) to a Full City (medium-dark). This allows for each coffee to reflect its unique characteristics of aroma, acidity, body, and flavor.

If you prefer a higher degree of roast, try our French Roast or Espresso Blend.

Overall roasting to order in small batches gives us room for creativity and greater flexibility in maintaining freshness.