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A classic Northern Italian Espresso. A blend of washed and naturally processed coffees. Rich crema, lanolin body, complex flavor and sweet lingering finish. Ideal blend for making espresso or cappuccino at home. Buon Gusto!

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Whole Bean, Espresso (fine), Drip (medium), French Press (coarse)

1 review for Espresso Blend

  1. Ben

    A few weeks ago I was in Waimea Canyon and made it to near the end of the roadway where there was a place to get some food and an all important espresso, a beverage that I have been enjoying for over 45 years both in Europe and on the mainland US. To my surprize, that cup was one of the best I have ever had: strong, viscous, yet smooth and full of rich flavour. It had the smoothness of a northern italian espresso, but the strength and punch of one from Naples. I found that the adjacent shop sold the same coffee used by the barista, so I purchased some. I have since made it at home, even doing a taste comparison with several of my favorite varieties. HANDS DOWN, the Kauai Roastery Espresso is my favorite. I will definitely be ordering it for my home.

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