Tropical Lilikoi Tea

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A blend of the finest loose leaf china black tea with lilikoi (passion fruit), marigold, red thistle and cornflower. Creates a subtly sweet, refreshing tropical tea to be served either hot or cold.

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14 reviews for Tropical Lilikoi Tea

  1. Diana

    Tropical, Fresh floral flavor. Visited Kaua’i 4/2018 and purchase this tea a Kaua’i Coffee plantation. Finally opened it to drink this winter 12/2018. Can not forgive myself for not opening sooner. It is sooo delicious!
    I Love tea and this one is just Great

  2. Hillary

    My husband and I stopped in Koke’e park for a hot drink before a cold and rainy day hike. This tea was on the menu and after tasting it we decided to purchase some to have at home. Every time I smell it I’m brought back to that rainy day on the mountain. This lilikoi tea is seriously the best black tea I’ve ever had. Thank you Kauai Roastery!

  3. Alice

    Being from the south (we’ll not as far south as Hawaii 😉 I enjoy iced tea. I’ve had some really good tea, but nothing begins to compare to Tropical Lilikoi Tea. It’s outstandingly delicious. It’s gonna be hard to beat this iced tea. Well, unless it’s drinking it in Kauai!

  4. Lana Benson (verified owner)

    We had this tea while on the island last spring and I bought 2 bags, for me and mom… Well, now I’m buying 8 more, because it makes the best iced tea ever! Most delicious and fragrant…. Our whole family love it!

  5. Joseph Capilli (verified owner)

    I was fortunate enough to have my first glass of this amazing tea on the south end of Kauai. As I took my first sip I was thrown back by all the flavors I could taste. I instantly went for a big gulp which in turn meant I drank the whole glass. Thinking to myself. This island, this tea, I’m in absolute heaven right now. I bought 4 bags on the spot, came home drank that. Purchased 4 bags more, shipping came very quick considering “Island time”. Now buying more. Get the drift.

  6. Matthew Flynn (verified owner)

    Aloha in a glass. This perfectly balanced tea puts you in Kauai with its subtle hints of florals, fruits and a classic, clean black tea. Nothing is overpowering, but it is full of flavor and aroma. It’s my favorite tropical tea in the world!

  7. John (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed this tea for years! I travel back to Kauai with every sip. Thank you from my heart! Mahalo!

  8. Kris

    This is the best passion fruit tea I have ever had. I love it hot and iced!

  9. Darryl

    I bought 2 at Koloa Rum Company….1 as a Gift Box Item & 1 for me….wish I had bought more while I was in Kauai for vacation over July 4th. Great flavor!!!
    I will buy more on-line,….not as much fun, but cheaper than flying back to Kauai….I’ll make sure to pick up LOTS when I’m back next year!

  10. Sonya

    I love all things passion fruit and this tea is no exception. It’s absolutely delicious!

  11. TeaTiff

    A nice blend of Chinese black tea along with passion fruit and subtle woody flavors. However, I do find it slightly lacking as I was hoping it was Kauai-grown tea and passion fruit.

  12. David (verified owner)

    Bought a bag in Kauai and sadly the bag got lost in a home renovation after only getting to try it. Glad I didn’t have to wait until I’m back in Hawaii to buy more. One of my favorite fruit teas, so floral and fruity and tropical, brings you back to the island

  13. Brenden Procker (verified owner)

    I plotzed at the first sip!
    We had this iced at Brennecke’s Beach Broiler in Poipu, and I immediately ordered enough tea for any potential apocalypse.
    Great gift for the mothers too!

  14. Cj

    I’ve tried a lot of brands of Hawaiian teas and the lilikoi is my current favorite. Wish I got Hibiscus too. Picked up at Lawai Market. Will look for it again

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Kauai Roastery Tropical Lilikoi Tea
A blend of the finest loose leaf china black tea with lilikoi (passion fruit), marigold, red thistle and cornflower. Creates a subtly sweet, refreshing tropical tea to be served either hot or cold.